Battaglin Lawyers Assiciated takes action preponderantly in the criminal law, national and international, criminal procedure and penal execution, especially in the cases of investigation the following offenses:

  • Crimes against life
  • Crimes against honor
  • Crimes against individual liberty
  • Fiscal crimes
  • Crimes against public health
  • Crimes against public peace
  • Crimes against public
  • Crimes against patrimony
  • Environmental crimes
  • Press crimes
  • Bancruptcy crimes
  • Crimes against consumers
  • Corporate crimes
  • Crimes against capital market
  • Crimes against economic order
  • Crimes against Brasilian finance system and crimes cambiais
  • Crimes of capital laundering
  • Crimes against immaterial property
  • Crimes against public administration
  • Crimes against justice administration
  • Computer crimes

Located in Campo Grande/MS/Brasil, near the border with Bolivia and Paraguai, our office always sought to work in technical legal representation of foreing, prisioners in the country, giving us significant experience in cases of EXTRADITION, EXPULSION and DEPORTATION of foreing. This demand has imposed on our professionals need to know in depth the international norms ruling Human Rights, the Public and Private International Law, International Criminal Law and the rules of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of UN (United Nations), Rome Statute of the Court ICC (International Criminal Court), Inter-American Human Rights Protection of the OAS (Organization of American States), and the constitutional rules concerning the application of International Treaties in national territory and Extradition Treaties signed by Brazil with Several States in the world.

Rua Sombreiro, 383, Carandá Bosque I, Campo Grande, MS - Brasil - Fone: 55 67 3042-2059 - CEP 79032-422

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